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I’d like to introduce one of my fave movie ever, it such a great movie with an amazing story. I think most of you already know Death Note, yeah of course since it was an old movie which had been released a couple years ago. And maybe you think; why on earth is I reviewed this, when there are many people who had done it and also put it in their blog. You can just type “death note” on google then you would find everything about this movie. But I don’t care, I’d like to do it on my own and actually this review was for my assignment on the last semester, my lecturer gave a task to analyze the movie and I choose Death Note since I love it so much. And now, I’d love to share it here ❤

So here you go!

The cast : Tatsuya Fujiwara,  Kenichi Matsuyama, Erika Toda, Shidou Nakamura, Shinnosuke Ikehata, Shigeki Hosokawa, Asaka Seto.

Death Note : The Last name is part of a series of two live-action Japanese films which actually based on the manga and anime series by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. It is the sequel of its first part that contains the continuance of  Yagami Raito’s story.

»  Why This Movie

The reason why I choose this movie to be analyzed is because I absolutely in love with Death Note, not only the live-action version but also its manga and anime series. The first time I knew Death Note was through reading the manga series when I was still in Junior High School.  Then in 2006, the live-action version was released which also had succeed stealing my heart. At first I thought that it wouldn’t be as awesome as its manga version since I had seen many cases like that. Most of Japanese Movie which based on the manga won’t come out as good as we read its manga version. But Death Note has proven that I was wrong.

 »  The Story Line

Yagami Raito or also called as Light is a young man who actually just wants the justice to be upright properly. He hates seeing innocent people being hurt by the evil one and he just want to punish all the criminal who has done so many sin. And his whole life suddenly change when he discovers a mysterious note book, known as “Death Note”.

“The human whose name is written in this note shall die” deathnote-instructions

That was written as the first rule on this book. Raito then use this book to kill many criminals and declare himself as “KIRA” the one who will change this world or who want to be known as “God of the new world”. But then he got himself a rival which as smart as him, known as the best detective in the world “L” suddenly steps onto the scene.

Death Note: The Last Name is the continuance of its first part, this second movie is focusing on KIRA and L competition to get to know who will win this battle. Using Shiori’s death as an excuse to join the investigation team, Raito finally got to meet L in person. He then asked L to accept him in his team in order to get revenge to KIRA for killing his girlfriend which actually has been planned by Raito’self.

Later, there is another murderer whom claimed himself as “The Second KIRA”, this KIRA could kill people just by looking at their face which The first KIRA absolutely not capable of. Then it was revealed that the second KIRA is Amane Misa, a girl who admire KIRA’s action so much, she end up falling head over heels in love to Raito after knew that he is KIRA. She has a trade with her god of death, she has giving up her half life to obtain the Shinigami eyes.

The story become more complicated when Raito come up with the most devilish yet smartest plan which will help him to avoid of being accused as KIRA by L. Actually if I was him, I couldn’t even think as detail as that but since Raito is described as an intelligent person, then no doubt he has everything set up on his mind and it come out that his plan run well just as he thought.

The story end with L who sacrifice himself, he writes his own name on death note stating,

“ L Lawliet will die 23 days from this date”

He did that to fight against Raito’s plan and proving that Raito is KIRA. In the end, when all of the investigation team including Raito’s father knows that he is KIRA, I think Raito is kind of losing his sense and ask for Ryuk’s help. Ryuk is the God of death who has dropped the Death Note which Raito has found. But since Ryuk has no interest to help, he ends up writing Raito’s name and tell him that “anyone who uses Death Note is banned from Heaven and Hell and will instead spend eternity as nothingness”. Raito dies in his father’s arms begging him to believe that he acted as KIRA just to carry out justice, which his father had taught him since his childhood. death-note-movie-2I really like the ending of the movie which actually way different with its manga or anime version, it give me another different imagination about how this story end. The idea of this whole death note and God of death things are really impressive. It’s told that the God of death is using that book to take someone’s life, just by writing their name on it. Then when human touch this book, they will be able to see the God of Death whom owns that book. It also said that human can exchange the half of their life to obtain shinigami eyes which will be used to see the others name and their remain time of life.

Since I’m falling too deep with this movie then I’ll giving 8.5 out of 10 for this awesome movie.

» The Language

It’s in Japanese and no English at all, so I’m not getting any new vocabulary. But I get to know some Japanese words which later I looked for its meaning in English. Some kind like :“Shinigami” which means “God of Death”, “Onegaishimasu” means “Please”, “Hitogoroshi” means “Murderer” and many more. I also found out that in Japan they pronounce Death Note as “Desu Noto”. This kind of things has became new knowledge for me, and since I have an interest in Japanese Movie like this one, I’d like to remember those words just in case they would appear when I watch the other movie.

 »  The Characters

I will revealed about 5 characters that I think have a big role in this movie :

  • Takeshi Fujiwara as Yagami Raito

sdsaYagami Raito is described as an intelligent young man who is fighting for justice in this world. He had been taught about it since his childhood but later he found that actually law is really unfair. Using Death Note is became his only chance to change this nasty world, but he has done too much. He is not protecting an innocent people anymore but he try to be a God and want to make a new world which has no crime. He starts murdering all people who got in his way, no matter who it is. Takeshi Fujiwara has played this role as evil as it used to. I mean he really match with Raito’s personality which I had been read on the manga before.

  • Kenichi Matsuyama as L Lawliet

death-note-l-change-the-worldL is described as a smartest detective ever, I always thought that he has a super brain. Even though his personality is kind of weird and he has a unique way of sitting and walk. He always eats something sweet like candy, chocolate, cake or pudding while thinking about the case or maybe actually most of the time he was like that. He even like to add more than five spoon of sugar to his tea. He seems emotionless and doesn’t care about the others feeling, many member of his investigation team often disagree with his decision because his way of handling this case is risking many people’s lives. But actually L has calculated everything before he take steps and he even willingly to sacrifices himself to reveal who the real KIRA is. Kenichi Matsuyama has successfully portraits L really well. he could bring himself to be as weird as L’s personality in manga. And since L is my favorite character then later Kenichi Matsuyama became my favorite actor also.

  • Erika Toda as Amane Misa

171453-misaMisa is a girl who has blinded by love, she willingly to do everything just to keep Raito happy. Her love for Kira has involved her to this sinful deed. She adores Kira because he had killed the one who has murdered her entire family. Since that, she became addicted to KIRA and would like to help KIRA cleaning this world from crime. She is portrait as an cute gothic idol who just started her career on TV. Misa is really in love with Raito, she even say that it doesn’t matter if Raito just using her and not love her back, she just need to be in his side. She remain loyal to him until the end of this movie. Erika Toda can act all cute and innocent just like how Misa is. And the way she shows her endless love for Raito is touched my heart, Toda plays this role so well. She is perfect for this role and I personally like her style in this movie.

  • Shidou Nakamura as Ryuk

Ryuk_by_wtfcantgetanameRyuk is the God of Death who had dropped the mysterious book called Death Note to the earth which later would be found by Raito. He is care-free and only seek for excitement, he never considered Raito as his partner or friend. Ryuk only want something to interest him, he purposely dropped that book because he felt bored and there is nothing to do in Shinigami world. He likes to eat apple so much, especially the one that came from earth. He end up betraying Raito by writing his name on death note and said that Raito is not interesting anymore for his liking. Shidou Nakamura only became a dubber of Ryuk’s voice but he portrait its voice very well.

  • Shinnosuke Ikehata as Rem

RemLiveActionHe is the God of Death who has promised to take care of Misa. He actually do that for his friend sake, another shinigami who has sacrificed his live just to save Misa’s life. Unlike Ryuk, he is gentle and very caring , especially towards Misa. He even willingly to sacrifice himself to help Misa. He hates Raito so much since he knows that Raito just using Misa. Shinnosuke Ikehata also only being a dubber for Rem’s voice.

»   The Alternates

Just like I said before that I feel satisfied with the ending even if it different with the one on the manga and anime version. I love how it ends with the scene of how Yagami’s Family is doing one year later after Raito’s death and the fact that his father didn’t tell the truth to his wife and his daughter. He just say that Raito was being killed by Kira, and the scene when L dies peacefully after he said that Raito’s father indeed is a good father. But if I would have an alternative ending, I want to change the part where L was writing his own name on death note. Why it has to be “23 days after it has been written”, why he didn’t write it “50 0r 60 years later after it has been written” so he won’t die in such a young age like that. I really like him and is pain me when I see him died in the end of this story.

And if Death Note does exist then I’d like to have one for myself…

Written by me,

Additional source : wikipedia and all the pictures I found in google


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